History, Heritage, and Religion

At the heart of Ein Gedi National Park, adjacent to Nahal Arugut (the Arugut Stream), the hidden gem of the Ein Gedi Antiquities National Park can be found.

At the site you will see evidence of settlement as early as the First Temple period and until the Byzantine period.

At the center of the park is a wonderfully preserved ancient synagogue that features magnificent floors and spectacular, vibrantly colorful mosaics that provide a glimpse into the distant past.

In addition, many treasures have been found there, from wall inscriptions, gold coins, a mikvah (Jewish ritual bath), luxurious living rooms, and even a wall inscription that relates to the discovery of the secret of the manufacturing process of the Balm of Gilead perfume, which was more precious than gold in ancient times.

The park will make a fascinating addition to your visit at the Ein Gedi National Park.

Photo: Alona and Anastasia.


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