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Come and enjoy a 50-minute Pilates workout at a bar in Kibbutz Ein-Gedi.

Pilates is a method of physical training that combines the principles of concentration and consciousness, combined with precise, dynamic, and interesting work.

The workout includes stretching and activating each muscle in the body through unique exercises and using accessories such as a ball, rubber band, hoop and weights. This way you can work on your abs, back, shoulders, buttocks and thigh muscles.

Pilates training is intense but calm, aimed at strengthening the body’s core muscle, lengthening the spinal cord and extremities, providing high flexibility, toning, acute awareness of correct breathing, and improving coordination.

The various exercises also help with problems such as: back pain, herniated disc, orthopedic pain and more.

The classes are suitable for everyone!

For men and women, for the golden-age, for youth, for pregnant and postpartum women and at all levels of physical fitness.

Classes take place in a studio in the pastoral Kibbutz Ein Gedi, or you can always book private lessons or experiential workshops suitable for couples/families and groups, wherever you choose.

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