Qumran National Park‏

History, Heritage, and Religion

he Qumran caves are a journey back in time2,000 years.
Nine hundred ancient manuscripts were discovered in the caves, most notably the oldest copy of the Old Testament discovered to date.
This oasis, on the main road between Jericho and Masada, hosted merchants on their journeys, Roman legions in their conquest, and Jewish sects that traveled to the desert to uphold their faith.
At the site, you will find elaborate water reservoirs that spread out like a network of wires throughout the city, shared eating areas, administrative rooms and libraries, which have branded Qumran as one of the leading and most advanced ancient settlements.
Here you will be able to investigate the desert lifestyle and enter briefly into an ancient world of rituals, beliefs, and communal life that shaped the lives of the inhabitants of this ancient metropolitan area, Qumran.

Qumran National Park‏
Qumran National Park‏


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