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The word “synergy” means – that the interaction or cooperation of two or more agents, gives a greater combined effect than each factor operating alone. Or, simply put: 1+1=3. When entering the Synergy Spa, you understand why this name was chosen for the place. All the components of this place are wonderful – the scenery, the building, the staff, the facilities – but the connection of all these elements together, creates a unique and unusual gem.

The Scenery
The Synergy Spa was built at the most beautiful spot in Ein-Gedi – on a mountainside, part of which faces the Dead Sea and the Moab Mountains, with the other part facing the Nature Reserve and Matzok HaEtekim. A one-time combination of a salty sea, fresh-water streams and desert. Blue, green and brown. Very appropriately, Amos Kenan’s charming quote has been inscribed at the entrance to the spa: “The world has seas and it has deserts, but God’s grace is where the sea meets the desert and the desert meets the sea”. The spa is entirely open to this magnificent landscape, and Nature has become part of its treatments.

The Building
Usually, a hotel spa is on the basement floor of the building, in an enclosed, dark space. That’s not the case at Synergy Spa. This is a large and impressive building, and much thought has been invested in its every detail. The interior walls are rounded and soft-looking and the exterior walls are made of floor-to-ceiling glass, so that you can be part of the landscape, even when you’re inside the air-conditioned building. The ceiling is particularly high, allowing for a sense of space, and from which impressive special lighting hangs. The curved shape of the building allows for plenty of intimate seating and resting areas, both inside and outside the building. The spa is built to allow for a full day of entertainment within it and, as you move from one area to the next, the experience is different in each spot.

Spa Facilities
In the spa’s center is the highlight – a hot pool with Dead Sea water, next to a Turkish Bath and a Dry Sauna. You’ll find, to your surprise, that you can easily spend all day in this ‘triangle’, taking a leisurely dip in the pool, a warm-up and clean-up in the dry sauna, a little more floating in the pool, then an indulgent wash and scrub in the Turkish bath, then… repeat! This ritual easily becomes addictive. The dry sauna has the ability to cleanse accumulated toxins from the body, to soothe and liberate. The moment you close the sauna door and inhale the smell of wood and water vapors, you will feel, within seconds, that your pressures dissipate and your muscles loosen. The Turkish bath provides a special spa experience – a large room finished in luxury marble, copper urns full of water that you can splash on yourself to freshen up and a large marble structure in the center where you can rest occasionally, and enjoy the cold water from the rain shower installed above it.
Outside of the building is a freshwater pool, which is cool in summer and heated in winter. The pool is surrounded entirely by scenery and the feeling there is of complete merging with Nature and relaxing in tranquility.

The Treatments
The spa has 12 specially designed treatment rooms to give you as much peace and relaxation as possible. The soft, cozy rooms are decorated with natural, high-quality materials. Among the rooms, there is also a special room for Shiatzu treatments, a cosmetic room and a treatment room for couples, with an indulgent jacuzzi.
The spa therapists have been carefully selected to give you the best care possible, and they are all therapists with experience, knowledge, professionalism and pleasantness. The wide range of treatments ranges from traditional treatments with the wisdom of thousands of years behind them, to the most innovative treatments. Among them, you will also find unique treatments developed by professionals especially for Synergy Spa – Dead Sea mud bandages, Mor & Lavona Peeling, and others.

The spa has lots of corners where you can simply sit quietly, rest, gaze at the scenery, read and let the tranquility seep into your body and soul. Some corners are within the air-conditioned building, some in the garden outside, and some in front of the pool. You can choose between soft sofas, comfortable sunbeds, cozy hammocks or fun swings.
To make the experience really indulgent, there is also a refreshments corner, free of charge, just come over, help yourself and enjoy – a huge variety of tea infusions, coffee, delicious cookies and fruits.

Photograph: Tal Nissim, Miri Davidovitch, Max Kowalski, Neta-Li Yadin

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