Balm of Gilead Farm

Nature and Trips

Balm of Gilead perfume was well known in the days of the Roman Empire.

King Herod himself used this perfume and exported it to Rome.

In addition to the perfume, the area of the Dead Sea was world renowned for the cultivation of plants used in the production of medicines and incense.

The Balm of Gilead Farm wants to send you back to ancient times, when the Balm of Gilead tree made the Kingdom of Judah famous worldwide.

Today, the Balm of Gilead Farm serves as a greenhouse for the development of the local cultivation of herbs, plants used in the manufacture of perfumes, and medicinal plants.

On the farm you will find a rare variety of desert medicinal plants and plants used in the manufacture of perfumes from the Bible and be able to take a short “tour” of Jewish history.


  • Phone: 052-4498200
  • Email:
  • Address: The orchards are located about 100 meters west of the Almog junction

Activity time:

By appointment


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