Uri’s Jeep

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Uri’s jeep is a great way to experience the Dead Sea Land, and get to know the unique hiking trails and points of interest along its length and breadth.

Uri is a tour guide with years of experience in field training and area driving.

Whether you are staying in the northern or southern Dead Sea region, Uri will come to you and introduce you to the area from a unique and fun-filled perspective.

In the northern Dead Sea, Uri will touch on the region’s rich, long history. He’ll take you to visit mysterious monks’ caves and will tell you stories about the first potash factory and the pioneering settlement.

In the south of the Dead Sea you can visit Mount Sodom, together with Uri, and see the natural statue of Lot’s wife, the fascinating marlstone trails, and more…

Enjoy the journey!

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Email|orishe20@gmail.com Address| Kedem Arava
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Hours of Activity: Sunday-Friday, to be coordinated in advance.
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