Desert Challenge Festival

The Veridis Desert Challenge, which will take place on the Amiaz Plateau, passes through unique, primordial landscapes.
The Amiaz Plateau is a remnant of a prehistoric lake in the pastoral region of the southern Judean Desert.
The location is of particularly high ecological value.
In addition to being the meeting point of various geographical formations, it is biologically diverse, and its unique landscapes attract many visitors from around the world.
Hence, we request that you race in accordance with the rules of conduct of the natural reserve, especially when riding on the marked paths, without deviating or making shortcuts.
Riding outside the marked paths could cause substantial ecological damage, the diversion of water routes, and the destruction of habitats.
Please respect the natural environment, avoid littering, and adhere to the instructions of the Nature and Parks Authority officials.

Desert Challenge Festival
Date and Time:
27.12.19 | 05:30
Nahal Hemar
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