Mashash Murabba’at

Nahal Mashash (the Mashash Stream) is a classic Judean Desert trail. It boasts a steep canyon, unique animals and plants, and a beautiful view of Nahal Darga (the Darga Stream, also known as Wadi Murabba’at). From the Mashash Stream it is possible to reach Wadi Murabba’at, named after the caves that can be found adjacent to it and that stand out thanks to their large, impressive rectangular openings. These caves, according to archaeological evidence, are the ones in which Bar Kochva and his men hid at the end of their revolt.
Trail length: 6.5 kilometers
Hike duration: 5 hours

Suitable for: experienced hikers
Note: Yeshua Ben Galgula, one of the leaders of the revolt, was not present with Bar Kochva in the caves.

Starting and ending point: Metzoke Dragot Travelers Village.

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Mashash Murabba’at
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