Nahal Darga

The Darga Canyon is one of the most challenging, difficult, and beautiful hiking trails in the country. Hiking this train requires excellent physical abilities. You will encounter dozens of waterfalls that require the use of a rope to descend them. For those of you with “climbing adrenaline” flowing through your veins and a thirst for challenging experiences, this trail will provide everything a good hike should include.

You must register for this hike in advance, and you are required to bring a 30-meter-long rappelling rope suitable for the number of hikers.

Trail length: 9 kilometers

Hike duration: 6 hours. Delays may occur, depending on the number of hikers on the trail.

Suitable for: ages 10 and up, very experienced extreme hikers.

Note: Bring sealable bags for your cellphone and other items you need to keep dry.

The suggestions that appear here regarding the trails are only our recommendations, and it should be noted those who use them do so at their own discretion and are responsible for themselves. The regional councils take no responsibility for the results.

Nahal Darga
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