Deir Hajla to Wadi Noujil

The trail, which begins at the Deir Hajla monastery and passes through Wadi Nochil, provides a peek at the remains of ancient agriculture, an area of high groundwater, and a variety of aquatic plants. Along the descent to the stream, you will notice the niches where the monks lived in seclusion during the week, which ended with their reunion at the monastery to pray and replenish their supplies of food and water for the coming week.

Trail length: 2 kilometers
Hike duration: 1–2 hours
Suitable for: families
Note: The trail is located on marl hills, so please exercise particular caution while descending it.

Starting and ending point: Deir Hajla parking lot (Road 90).

The suggestions that appear here regarding the trails are only our recommendations, and it should be noted those who use them do so at their own discretion and are responsible for themselves. The regional councils take no responsibility for the results.

Deir Hajla to Wadi Noujil
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