Nahal Darga

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The Nahal Darga canyon is one of the most challenging, difficult and beautiful hiking trails in Israel.

The black-marked path, descending to the bottom of the gorge, passes close to Mashash Muraba’at – a pair of rectangular-shaped caves used by Bar Kochva and his warriors as a place of refuge to hide in. In one of the caves, a scroll was found containing the explicit name of Shimon Bar-Kochva, the leader of the uprising.

The start of this challenging route, is at the confluence of Nahal Darga and Nahal Tekoa. Safety measures are in-place along the route.

The track combines climbing down waterfalls by aid of ropes, and crossing cool water caverns by immersion and swimming.

The trip to the stream requires advance registration on the Nature Reserves and National Parks Authority website. It is mandatory to come equipped with a suitable rappelling-rope, according to the number of hikers, with a length of 30 meters.

In stormy and rainy weather, it is strictly forbidden to enter the stream for fear of flash-flooding.

  • Trail Length: approx. 9 kilometers
  • Trail Duration: approx. 8 hours
  • Suitable for good walkers and challenge-seekers.
  • Recommended Season: spring/autumn/winter
  • Trail Map: #8
  • Trail Marks: Color Green 8433/ Color Black 8426/ Color Green 8428
  • Starting Point: the Information Center close to Metzoke Dragot Holiday Village
  • Finishing Point: on the Nahal Darga bridge on Route 90

Please note:
you should bring sealable plastic bags for your phone and other articles that are important to keep dry. There is no avoiding full immersion in the water, including your equipment.

The itinerary, as described above, is a recommendation only, and those who choose to take this trip do so at their own discretion and responsibility. The Regional Councils will not be held accountable in the event of any adverse consequences that may ensue.

General details about the place
  • Degree of Difficulty: for good walkers
  • Entering Water
  • Free Entry
  • Linear trip
  • Night Camp
  • Picnic area
  • Requirement for Ancillary Equipment
  • Suitable alone
  • Walking trail
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