Nahal Tze’elim

Nahal Tze’elim (the Tze’elim Stream) is one of the largest winterbournes of the Judean Desert that flow to the Dead Sea. Due to its size, the stream is divided into several trails of different levels of difficulty and is replete with springs and naturally occurring cisterns.
The primeval spaces of the desert end suddenly at the gigantic He’etikim cliffs.
The desert streams undermine the cliff, creating deep canyons and great rocky falls in it.

Trail length (main paths):
* Upper Circular Tze’elim – 8 kilometers.
*Lower Circular Tze’elim – 8 kilometers.
Hike duration: 6–7 hours.
Suitable for: experienced hikers.
Note: Don’t skip the most famous pool of the Judean Desert, the Tzfira Pool.

Starting and ending point: Nahal Tze’elim camping ground/parking lot.

The suggestions that appear here regarding the trails are only our recommendations, and it should be noted those who use them do so at their own discretion and are responsible for themselves. The regional councils take no responsibility for the results.

Nahal Tze’elim
Nahal Tze’elim
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