Nahal Tzafit

A short drive away from the Arava Junction is Nahal Tzafit (Tzafit Stream), which has many spectacular waterfalls during the rainy season.
The path that follows the stream’s course will lead you to many challenges, including ladders and vertical climbs that will give you and your family a taste of the professional climber’s life.
The stream is on the Israel National Trail and is divided into three different sections, each of which may be hiked separately.
The lower section, where the stream narrows into a winding canyon, is the most popular one.

Trail length: 4 kilometers.
Hike duration: 3–4 hours.
Suitable for: experienced hikers and children 14 and above who aren’t afraid of climbing high ladders.
Note: During most of the trip you’ll be exposed to the sun, so don’t forget your sunscreen and sunglasses.

Starting point: The road to the Small Crater. Passengers travelling from Dimona to the Arava Junction (Road 25) and between Km. 111 and Km. 112 should turn towards the Small Crater. Drive about 2.5 km and park near the sharp bend in the road to the right (there is a signpost that points to lower Nahal Tzafit).

Ending point: The dirt road branching west from the Arava Road (Route 90), slightly south of the 181 km. mark, near a water pumping facility.

The suggestions that appear here regarding the trails are only our recommendations, and it should be noted those who use them do so at their own discretion and are responsible for themselves. The regional councils take no responsibility for the results.

Nahal Tzafit
Nahal Tzafit
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