Get to Know the Dead Sea Land

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*One hour’s travel from the northern-most part to the southern-most part

Northern Dead Sea

The northern Dead Sea is an area with a distinctly international nature. It is fascinating in its combination of ancient heritage, clement neighborliness between Jews and Arabs, and its closeness to the Capital - Jerusalem. From the Land of the Monasteries near Qasr al Yahud, to Qumran, from the northern shores of the Dead Sea Land to holiday villages on kibbutzim, the past and the present fuse to create a magic that is hard to describe in words.

Heart of the Dead Sea Land

The Heart of the Dead Sea, as its name suggests, is the beating heart of the Dead Sea Land – the place of King David, and of countless springs emanating from the earth. This area is known for its abundant Nature Reserves: Einot Tzukim Reserve and Ein Gedi - the only settlement in the world planned as a Botanical Garden - and many other attractions alongside diverse accommodation options of all levels.

Southern Dead Sea

This part of the Dead Sea Land is known for its dominant "fire" component. From the sulfur rocks at Masada and Sodom, to the lively tourist and hotel complex in Ein Bokek and Hamei Zohar, you will find diverse content of great interest. Heritage sites alongside extreme sports attractions, well-kept beaches and a new promenade, indulgent hotels and Spa centers, zimmers, lodges and rural khans, are just some of what the southern Dead Sea Land has to offer.

Our Blog - everything that’s happening at the Dead Sea Land

1. Nature During Lockdown

We're driving along Route 90, our eyes are drawn to the landscapes that stretch far and wide, without interruption. Occasionally, a fox passes or a bird flits by in the sky, and the desert silence embraces us, gently. Desert silence has an unusual quality… it's not at all oppressive - it enters our bloodstream inconspicuously, but then courses through our...

2. International Art in the World's Lowest Venue A Visit to JOJO Studio

"Art, for me, is a balm for the human soul. When I create, I think of the aesthetics of colors and composition that will please and uplift the beholder every time, anew". That's how the artist JOJO describes the nature of his creations.  Precisely during these days - Corona-days - when everyone is closed up in their home and in their...

3. The Israeli Coming-of-Age Challenge

The Amiaz Plateau at Full Moon Photograph: Eyal Ben Leah When I sat down to write about the extraordinary experience we went through, I tried to remember the first time the subject arose. It could have been the steamy summer nights combined with the Corona routine that led to long evenings of heart-to-heart talks between myself and my friend David, when the...

4. Full Moon Trip at the Desert Level

Discover the Secrets of Desert Simplicity Last week I joined a full moon trip at the desert level, one of the special experiences that the Dead Sea Land can offer anyone who chooses to see the constraints of Corona as an opportunity to expand borders. The concept of full moon trips at the desert level was conceived several years ago by...

5. Descension to a Vacation

There's something about travelling to Ein Gedi that makes you feel as though you're descending into the belly of the earth. It's not just the altitude that's going down and down (and down...), it's also the tranquility that suddenly prevails and your breathing that becomes deeper. This baffling landscape around you has such an intense impact and also gives you...
Photo by:אייל בן גיאט
Photo by:יוסי רותם

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